MORE COMMON SENSE   ~ Methods and Solutions of Restoring the Republic

Let me just say loudly and clearly. The Signers intent for this Federal Republic was to remain strong and able bodied to speak out against tyranny or government domination. Their vision was to retain power over government to their last dying breath. The Signers or founders were prosperous faith driven men with wives and families who believed in truth, justice and unconditional liberty. What this nation has transformed into is something so different,  it is a wonderment that we have been able to survive the plunders of greed and deception.

Much of our hardship of dismissing Americanism has been  placed upon our societal process by citizens with malice against its continued nessecary sovereignty as well as by those who sit back and take freedom for granted, and say “ that will never happen in America “. However, the reality is here among us right now in these very hours and days. As a historian, writer and public speaker I remain a devoted fan of the Signers and founding fathers, I must tell you that the time now has arrived for “ More Common Sense “ to take hold of the very fabric of our free society and give it a good “ sharp snap “ to bring it back to the principles and values of that language “ or more specifically “, the very written definition of the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution and The Federalist Papers, all which are necessary together to provide an undeniablly supreme volume of strength for our invincible bill of rights.

In our Republic it isn’t about party, it is in fact about “ of the people, by the people and for the people “. We once illustrated nearly every official, public, and social accent on faith in God and unconditional liberty in this country. The Declaration of Independence is extremely vivid and clear on 4 – 6 points regarding a higher divinity.  “ all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights “ Our great society once embellished patriotism and our divine faith upon nearly every advertisement within thousands of companies, organizations, publications, institutions, events and celebrations across the entire nation and globe over. We proudly utilized names such as Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Hancock and other Signers printed or titled on everything.